Shopping online is set to continue growing as more and more of us recognise that it offers the ultimate convenience, the ability to compare pricing, the huge variety, and the environmental benefits that conventional shopping doesn’t always provide! But how do we know whether a site is trustworthy and offers good quality? Depending on what you’re in the market for, here are some of the biggest and best online shopping sites in the U.S today:


Top of the list is Amazon, the giant of the internet and biggest online retailer in the world that aims to sell ‘everything’. is an international brand with its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. You can find all kinds of everything on the site and some great deals. It began life as a book-selling site, but you’ll now find clothing, food, video games, music, toys, gifts - and, believe it or not, an abundance of books. Subscriptions are available for next day delivery, and there’s now a TV and movie streaming service, too.

#1 Amazon


Macy’s are the largest retail chain in the U.S, and both its stores and website are popular with customers. It offers affordable and luxury items including jewelry, clothing, footwear, homeware and accessories. One of its most famous stores is in New York where it always presents the annual Thanksgiving parade and sponsors the Fourth of July firework display.

#2 Macy’s


Walmart is another big name in the world of retail and stocks with an impressive range of products at equally impressive affordable prices. It is the biggest discount store in the U.S and is well-known for offering great value clothing and home décor items. Whatever you need, you can be pretty sure that Walmart will stock it as it really is the ultimate ‘one-stop’ shop.

#3 Walmart


This is one of the best online sites to visit if you’re looking for electronic goods at competitive prices. You know you’re in safe hands when the company has been voted ‘Company of the Year’ by Forbes in the past. They offer in-store pickup as well as free 2-day shipping, and you’ll find great deals on things like laptops, TVs and tablets.#4 BestBuy


For all things related to video gaming, Gamestop is a pretty good pitstop to make before looking elsewhere. This retailer sells video games, electronics and wireless services. You can purchase new and pre-owned titles if you’re looking for a certain game at a knocked down price. It’s always worth checking out their deals on consoles, smartphones and tablets too if that’s what you’re in the market for.#5 Gamestop

Home Depot

Anything you could possibly want or need for your home interior can be found at - you guessed it - Home Depot. It’s an incredibly popular retailer, with millions of site visits per year. If you’re an avid DIYer or budding interior designer, then you’ll enjoy browsing the massive range of products on offer, from building supplies to gardening - and everything in between.#6 Home Depot


Sears is an American chain of department stores offering both physical and online shopping. One of America’s oldest retailers, it’s a great all-rounder where you can buy clothing, electronics, home appliances and even repair services for appliances and automobiles. They also have Sears travel where you’ll find all-inclusive options, last minute cheap breaks and insurance offers.#7 Sears


Just about everybody has heard of Ebay, another major internet retailer along with Amazon. Ebay has always been an online retailer and gives customers the choice of bidding on new and used items in an auction-style process, or simply buying direct from businesses. It features an extremely diverse range of products and is incredibly successful as an e-commerce site.#8 Ebay


Zappos is the world’s largest shoe store online that also sells a range of clothing and homeware. Shopping for shoes is (relatively) easy because our shoe size doesn’t change - no matter what happens to the rest of our body - and there's a huge choice to browse here! Zappos is renowned for its fantastic customer service; no hassle returns policy and free shipping. If you’re on the hunt for brand name shoes at discounted prices, then take a look at the Zappos website.#9 Zappos


For all things techy, Newegg is the site to visit. They specialize in software, hardware and all things computer related. You’ll also find accessories, electronics and a range of sports equipment for your pleasurable perusal. They rank highly in terms of service, customer satisfaction and pricing, so next time you need new parts for your PC, you’ll know where to go!#10 Newegg