When you’re a new mom or mom-to-be, you’ve got enough to stress you out without panicking over what - and what not - to buy for your new baby. Here are 10 of the things that you really do need when welcoming your little one into the world.

Nipple cream

Your nipples will be doing some serious overtime in those early weeks and months. If they get a bit chapped, sore or cracked, you’ll need a little remedy to hand. The right nipple cream is your indispensable breastfeeding companion - soothe away!

1. Nipple cream

Nursing bras

Speaking of breastfeeding, if you’ve not done much of it in your life before, you might think it’s as simple a case as popping a breast out of your bra. That’s right up to the moment when you rip your bra down the centre and have to get a new one... Don’t ruin your regular underwear. Instead, invest in a few nursing bras, so that even when one of them is being washed, you’ll always have at least one to wear.

2. Nursing bras

Stability ball

In case you’ve not somehow worked this out yet, being a new mom is pretty stressful stuff – so why not chill out with the thing that seems to relax everyone, a stability ball?  It’s great for giving you a little core workout, although perhaps the most obvious benefit is the repetitious movement that could gently rock your baby to sleep - or calm him down when he’s having what we are sure will be just one of many dramatic moments!

3. Stability ball

White Noise app

You might not have thought that noise during the night would help to send you asleep, but it’s a little-known fact that the brain is constantly scanning and listening for sounds even when you’re catching Zs.  The White Noise iOS app has an extensive sound catalogue across various frequencies to help you grab some much-needed shuteye, and even calms down your baby’s fussing and crying. A win-win!  

4. White Noise app

Laptop, tablet or smartphone

It might seem odd for us to describe such a thing as a smartphone or tablet as a ‘new mom’ product, but it’s vital not to underestimate just how isolating life with a new baby can be.  Make sure you’ve got a device for staying connected with the world, including parenting websites, message boards and blogs, and your new life will feel that little bit less scary.

5. Laptop, tablet or smartphone

Changing table

Diapering is one of the most notorious things that any new mom needs to get used to, and if you don’t have the right equipment for this already to hand, you’ll seriously regret it.  As far as the changing table is concerned, a bureau or low dresser with a cushioned changing pad will do the job. However, investing in a standalone changing table will enable you to take advantage of dedicated features like additional storage space and safety railings.

6. Changing table

Boogie Wipes

These things are a godsend for new mothers, they really are. They’re very gentle and made with saline to soften up crusty snot.  Won’t a regular wipe or tissue do? Not really, as even the softest, most aloe-coated ones can just be too rough for your baby’s skin, and might sting a raw nose or leave residue on your little one’s face.  Boogie Wipes, by comparison, are worth keeping loads of spares of. Honestly, just trust us on this one. 

7. Boogie Wipes

Baby bathtub

Yes, there really is such a thing as a bathtub that is specifically designed to hold a wriggling baby, and we can all be thankful for that, too!  There’s a lot of choice for such tubs, ranging from inflatable tubs and foldable tubs, right up to tubs with sling inserts and bubbling baby spas.  While some baby bathtubs are designed to fit inside an adult tub to allow you to spend some quality time with your little darling, others are for the kitchen sink or bathroom. 8. Baby bathtub

Baby nail scissors or clippers

These things are so easy to overlook, but it’s important to appreciate that a baby’s nails aren’t the same as an adult’s – they’re softer and more pliable, and also grow so fast that you’ll need to cut them several times a week.  A pair of dedicated baby nail clippers or scissors will help you to trim your baby’s nails more safely. Your chosen clippers may have a light or magnifying glass to make your baby’s nails easier to see in darker conditions, or a colorful and friendly design to make the trimming procedure less scary to your child.  9. Baby nail scissors or clippers

Wipes travel case

Whatever the type of wipes you use, it’s not a good idea to simply throw the pack with the adhesive pullback sticker into your bag, not least as any failure to seal the package exactly right could leave you with a lot of dried-out wipes.  This is where a dedicated fabric-covered plastic holder can prove so invaluable, allowing you to keep everything nicely sealed and moist while minimizing the number of wipes you need to carry.  We bet you never even thought of a few of the items in this list! If you’re a mom yourself, what items have proved a godsend for you, and which ones have been a waste of money? Let us know!10. Wipes travel case