Who wants to spend all of their precious free time occupied with arduous vacuuming? All of that crouching down to get into those awkward areas between and underneath items of furniture, all of that emptying and replacing the bags, all of that remembering to do the vacuuming at all...

You get the picture. It's hardly an earth-quaking shock that more and more people now seem to be looking to buy a new robot vacuum. As its name suggests, this type of vacuum does this crucial (but horrendously dull) work for you, as you devote your time to other things. It works its way around your home, and with any luck, the end results will be stunning.

But of course, not all auto floor vacuum cleaners are the same. Consider these top tips to ensure you benefit from a good robot vacuum cleaner for your specific needs.

What Surfaces Do You Need To Clean?

With some robot vacuums being designed specifically for hard floors, and others for carpets, it's important to not neglect this aspect when shopping for one. Then, of course, there are those cleaners that do a generally good job on all kinds of surfaces.

If, though, you really do only have one type of surface to clean, it's well worth comparing the models out there that are dedicated to that surface. For residents who only need to scrub hardwood and tile floors, for example, the best iRobot vacuum cleaner may be the Braava Jet, which is great for banishing those stubborn dust bunnies and hairballs in the corners of a bathroom.

What Surfaces Do You Need To Clean?

Cleaning Robots Also Vary In How They Navigate

We suspect that if you've never before experienced the joys of a robot vacuum cleaner, you're probably wondering, "What is this witchcraft?" Well, allow us to explain.

Vacuuming robots work by navigating your home by themselves, which they accomplish in various ways. Some of them detect obstacles and stairs by using optical and acoustic sensors, for instance, while for others, a laser-driven eye enables them to build up a map of the area that needs to be cleaned - including which areas have already been cleaned, and which ones still require attention.

These different methods have their respective strengths and weaknesses. A robot vacuum using the former method is great for ensuring that especially dirty areas are thoroughly cleaned, but may miss areas where there isn't much dirt. Robots drawing upon the map-based method, meanwhile, won't repeatedly clean especially dirty parts of your floor, but will at least ensure that your entire floor receives attention.

Battery Life: Longer Is Better, Right?

That's certainly the time-honored logic, and it's not wrong: a robot vacuum cleaner that can do its work for one and a half hours or even two hours on a single charge is more desirable than a cheaper model - as available from a company like Neato - that might only be able to muster about 30 minutes at a time.

However, the situation's a little more complicated than that. After all, the newest robot vacuum cleaner models are now frequently programmed to automatically return to their base station when they start to run low on battery. This enables them to then recharge - with no need for any intervention from you - and get back on with their work.

Battery Life: Longer Is Better, Right?

For Even Greater Convenience, Look For Scheduling Capability

One of the best things about robot vacuum ownership is the option that you have to program it to clean in accordance with a specific schedule - meaning you don't even need to manually start it. You can be out of the house, for example, and it'll just commence the necessary work at the specified time.

There are robot vacuum cleaners around these days that can be easily scheduled to do their work at the same time each day, as often as seven times a week.

Finally... Don't Neglect The Broad Range Of Models Available

The auto floor vacuum cleaner market is a mature one these days, with many different competing brands which, of course, have their respective strengths and weaknesses. It may be an iRobot cleaning robot that best serves your own needs, or perhaps you'd be better off with something from a lesser-known brand like ILIFE or Eufy?

Your final choice of new robot vacuum really is up to you - so whichever model you purchase, make sure you've done your research to help ensure brilliant results with each and every clean.

Finally... Don't Neglect The Broad Range Of Models Available