Lights, camera, action! Creating a home theater cinema has never been so much fun or so authentic, with the huge array of gadgets available. You’ve probably spent hours debating which wide screen or sound system to install, but once you’ve got the main components in place, there are some accessories you can add to enhance your experience, so your next matinee will be a ‘premier’ event.

Nostalgia At Your Finger Tips

Your home theatre cinema could be transformed with the Super 8mm Film To Digital Video Converter by Pacific Image. As its name suggests, this device will allow you to enjoy your favorite 8mm footage once again. Your family films need gather dust no more, you can watch them and edit them - so you needn’t show any of your bloopers - then transfer them to a computer or burn them onto a DVD. So you can enjoy your favorite family moments for a long time to come. Plus, it’s all wrapped up in a chic design that looks just like an old style video projector – what could be better?

Soda So Good

No home cinema would be complete without the right refreshments to hand, so install a concessions counter complete with a soda fountain in your theatre.  Try the Six Flavor Home Soda Fountain Dispenser Machine by Willtec to ramp up your cinema experience, look online, and you’ll find it’s garnered great praise. Alternatively, look to sodaparts’ 2-Flavor Soda Fountain Tower System which includes the smallest available remote cooling system - so you can have your top pop on tap.

Soda So Good

Popcorn At The Ready

There’s nothing like a riveting movie accompanied by a bag of fresh popcorn, so install a Great Northern vintage style popcorn machine to create the perfect home theatre shop. The smell, taste and crunch will do more than anything else to create an authentic cinema experience; and have all your senses tingling.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Crucial to your home theater set up is the right seating; you could look around for the genuine article salvaged from an old cinema or install something far more comfortable, like a recliner.  You can be sitting pretty in a chair that’ll give you excellent ergonomic support and provide you with somewhere to stand your refreshments while you watch. Try the “cuddle coach” or the many recliners available from Elite HTS for seating at the luxury end of the market. Alternatively, look to the Body Sound Chair, which sports chic Italian leather, has a built in sound system and the option for a back massager too. So however exciting the film is, you needn’t be sitting on the edge of your seat.

All In The Hand

When you’re sitting back ready to enjoy the next film, you don’t want to be bobbing up and down to adjust things or be juggling multiple remote controls, so invest in the Logitech Elite and Pro Remote Control Systems to make life easier. You’ll find this one control system will do almost everything, meaning you won’t need to get up out of your seat for the duration of the film.

Posters In Pole Position

Create the right look with your favorite movie posters; try for an unrivalled selection of classic films, sci-fi or westerns that are sure to hit the right style note. You can pay homage to the films, stars and movie moments of which you’re most fond and create just the right ambiance.

Power Up

However, to ensure your home theater is running as safely and efficiently as possible, install a power management system such as the Panamax M5400-PM, so everything works like clockwork. You’ll have all of the outlets you require; and protect the equipment you’ve invested so much in from damaging power surges.

Power Up

Your Premier Home Cinema Experience

With all of the home theater supplies now available, you’ll be able to create an authentic cinema experience in the heart of your home that’ll be second to none, so you can sit down and enjoy a matinee performance as you’ve never done so before.

Your Premier Home Cinema Experience