Amazon might be one of the world's biggest retail companies, but you could still underestimate just how many cool things you can purchase from it. Here are some examples of such things which, frankly, you might never have previously deemed crucial.

Men's Stash Underwear with a Secret Front Pocket

If you are a man, you can say that there's a party in your pants and mean it more literally than ever before. We could go on about the cotton and spandex that this underwear combines to soft and luxurious effect, but we know what you are really thinking right now...

"There's a pocket on the front of it!" Yes, indeed. It's your choice what you put in it, but we would recommend a small flask for music festivals or, for vacations, your passport.

Touch Screen Vanity Beauty Mirror

A mirror is an indispensible tool for many of us - and this one in particular is like the iPhone of mirrors! It's a battery-powered mirror that can be lit up through the included LEDs. Therefore, you can easily use this mirror even when light isn't exactly abundant in the room.

It also includes an intelligent touch screen and can be rotated by 180 degrees. One day, we will all be using mirrors like this. Hey, we have an optimistic vision of the future...

Fertility Monitor

Once you've gotten hitched with that dress, it might not be long before you want to start a family as well. Thankfully, Amazon offers this very twenty-first century fertility monitor for helping you discern the best time to, well, you know...

This is basically an earbud which, when worn overnight, can measure your Basal Body Temperature. The BBT data can be viewed on an accompanying iPhone or iPad app. Seeing that data can serve the purpose of assisting you in predicting ovulation.

Hello, Peanut! Introduction

After that fertility monitor has helped to give you a child, this kit could also come in very useful - particularly if you love peanuts and hope that your little one will also be able to enjoy them as they grow up.

This product is intended for making it easier for you to slowly introduce peanuts to your infant from as young as five months. It consists of a peanut and sprouted oats solution which can reduce the likelihood of your child becoming allergic to peanuts.

Back to the Roots Water Garden

Keeping a fish and gardening are both relaxing pastimes - and, strange though it might initially seem, each of these ends can help serve the other. Eh?

We are referring to this peculiar 3-gallon fish tank. In this tank, your fish can produce waste which plants protruding from the top of the tank can consume; the nutrients in that waste can benefit them. Then, filtered water can return to the fish's habitat to keep the water there clean and safe.

Key Pete Strong Magnetic Key Holder Hook

If you have a lot of keys, then keeping them all in one place can obviously assist you in preventing the annoyance of losing any. You can follow this piece of advice in an especially quirky manner by using this magnetic key holder, which can be firmly attached to a metal surface like a fridge door.

As many as 30 keys can be held by... well, we're not entirely sure what it's meant to resemble, other than simply a little man climbing up a wall. It's certainly cute, in any case.

Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm

Fancy growing your own mushrooms to tuck into or add to food? You can grow your own organic oyster varieties with this kit. To use it, just unpack it before misting it with water and, ten days later, harvesting it. The box includes plant-based soil for yielding multiple crops.

The mushrooms are truly tasty, too; you might prefer them to mushrooms that you are used to sourcing from your local grocery store.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

So, you want to make an impromptu toilet visit during the night, but you don't wish to have to switch the light on and, in the process, wake up whoever else lives with you. So, what do you do? Make your way through the darkness with glow-in-the-dark toilet paper.

Of course! It seems so obvious now. You also never know when you might rely on it in the case of a power cut or, err, making a luminescent mummy outfit. As you do...

Electric Blower

While looking after indoor spaces can be straightforward provided that you keep a close watch on them, preserving the tidiness of residential areas that are exposed to the elements - think driveways, patios and garages, to cite a few examples of such areas - could often seem beyond you.

How on earth did all of those leaves get there? No matter; just turn on this blower and watch the gusts send those leaves away. You can pick up this machine in green, red, blue or purple.

The Gift of Nothing

This article is all about things that you need, but sometimes, you need... nothing. Yes, nothing. Nada. Zilch. For those occasions, you could buy this little bit of nothingness.

It comes in a bit of card and a transparent orb - but, once you open them, there's... nothing. Not a single thing. Savor the wonderful moment as you enjoy the complete and utter absence of any chocolates or flowers. It's quite possibly the most beautiful gift you could buy for yourself.

CheckUp at Home Wellness Test for Dogs

While you might already regularly take your dog to the vet, the ultimate responsibility of looking after that mutt obviously rests with you. So, why not invest in this kit for testing your dog's wellness at home?

We canine believe that, in no longer than 60 seconds, you can receive results for four different tests which check for the most common dog health problems of UTI, kidney conditions, high glucose, and blood in urine. This product is veterinarian-approved, too.

Benchmark Bouquets Big Blooms with Vase

Even if you often like to "say it with flowers", the idea of buying them from Amazon specifically might never have occurred to you. However, when it is one of these bouquets that you order through the site, you could be pleasantly surprised by how fresh they are when they arrive.

The flowers will be buds when they ship - which, we should add, will be overnight. There is no option for a Saturday, Sunday or Monday delivery. The blooms will take just days to open.

Flavored Crickets

It is surely inevitable that, at some point, crickets will form the human race's staple diet. So, why shouldn't we start practicing now? These crickets are edible and absolutely real; you're not getting any chocolate or nuts in the shape of crickets here.

They do, however, come in three different flavors: sour cream and cheese; bacon and cheese; and salt and vinegar. Do wild crickets come in those flavors, too? Maybe we should taste them to check...

While we're nibbling at random crickets, you could look through Amazon to see what other amazing products they offer for those people who are, let's just say, strange enough to even consider looking for them. You might even find something that would taste good with a cricket kebab.