Pandora’s Disney Dangle Charm Collection this year has some great new additions that are sure to appeal to collectors and the average person looking for a unique Disney gift this holiday season. There are 117 charms in the Disney collection with some great pieces released over the years but we are going to focus on the new 2018 releases in the collection.

Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Limited Edition Charm

Mickey Mouse looks as good as ever but it is this his 90th birthday and Pandora has released a Limited Edition 90th Anniversary Charm to celebrate the year. This sterling silver charm is of the original Mickey leaning casually against golden 90.

Retailing for $100 online and in shops and officially not being sold after Nov 18, 2018 it is a great price for keepsake like this but as they are sold out everywhere getting one for $100 may not be possible. If you have one, congratulations on getting a timeless keepsake.

Sorcerer Mickey Dangle Charm

The new Sorcerer Mickey Dangle Charm honors one of Mickey’s most famous roles as a magical sorcerer who first appeared way back in the 1940 film Fantasia. In the film Mickey works for Yen Sid a sorcerer master and at one point steals the sorcerers hat and chaos ensues.

Mickey Sorcerer appears many other times over the years in shows like The Mickey Mouse Club and Fantasia 2000.

Sold for $65 and made from sterling silver, black enamel and a crystal pearl it is fitting tribute to one Mickey’s most loved roles.

Mary Poppins Silhouette Charm

With the upcoming release of Mary Poppins Returns it is fitting to have a charm to commemorate the original Mary Poppins released 53 years ago. This charm features a silhouette of Mary Poppins flying with her handbag and umbrella in hand.

Sold for $65 and Made from sterling silver and black enamel it makes a great keepsake gift this Christmas.

Two-Tone Mickey and Minnie Portrait Charms

One version of this years’ Mickey and Minnie charms is an elegant design utilizing two-tones of silver with Pandora Rose Silver for Mickey and Minnie’s ears and hairline with Minnie having a Rose Silver bow as well.

Selling for $50 each this is a less expensive piece in this years’ Disney Collection that may be the perfect gift for the young Disney and Mickey and Minnie Mouse fan in your family.

Shimmering Mickey and Minnie Portrait Clips

The Shimmering Mickey Portrait Clip Charm combines sterling silver and clear cubic zirconia to make a shiny and shimmering version of the Mickey facial portrait. The Shimmering Minnie Portrait Charm is similar but adds a nice flare of color by incorporating pink enamel into Minnie’s bow to make her portrait really pop.

Both Charms retail for $90 each so you can get the pair looking their very best this holiday season for under $200.

Santa Mickey & Gift Bag Dangle

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a Santa Mickey charm and this years’ version features Mickey in a red Santa suit carrying a green gift bag with toys for all the little girls and boys.

The Santa Mickey Charm sells for $65 and is made from sterling silver, enamel, green, and cubic zirconia. It makes a great Christmas gift.

To see the entire Disney collection check them out Pandora USA