Smart TVs are transforming our viewing experience; they’re internet connected and as such provide many interactive features, allowing us to watch catch-up TV, stream movie services and connect to our social media accounts too.

What You Need

Smart TVs connect to your home network to gain internet access – so you’ll need to have Wi-Fi set up in your property if you haven’t already. You’ll also need to check the strength of your wireless signal as if your router is a long way from the TV set it can sometimes prove a problem.

What You Need

What Do You Want?

First and foremost when choosing a smart TV, you need to consider what you want. Look for the features and services that you’re currently using (and liking), check that they’re supported by your new TV; and give thought to whether you want to add any additional apps. When comparing TVs, you’ll notice that some smart sets offer a mere handful of apps, while others offer pages and pages of them – but there’s no point in paying for lots of services that you won’t use, so consider what you want.

Smart TV And Internet

Take note, some, but not all, smart TVs allow you to access the internet and go online, so if this is a priority for you, choose with care. Your TV will need a browser that is compatible with website coding and capable of showing such sites on a big screen.

Your Smart Platform

The smart platform on your tv will have a huge impact on your user experience; you want one that will ease your journey, rather than interrupt, distract or get in the way of your favorite viewing. The operating systems you’ll most commonly come across are webOS, Tizen, Firefox and Android.

Presentation Is A Priority

You’ll find the presentation of the various platforms differs, with some using carousels while others use scroll bars, screens of icons or tabbed windows. Some smart TVs fall down when it comes to presentation and the layout of their interface.  Your selection will very much be a case of personal preference, what appeals to you, is intuitive, easy to use and easy on the eye too.

One set that measures up well when it comes to presentation is the Sharp 32 Inch LC-32CHG6021K, a smart TV with HD Freeview built in and a very clear, easy to use interface, that features the most popular apps like YouTube and BBC iPlayer. What’s more this 32 inch led tv smart price, will be difficult to beat, it’s the most budget-friendly model we’ve found. In fact, not only is this TV cheap to purchase, but it’s also cheap to run, with a low energy consumption.

Presentation Is A Priority

Classic TV Considerations

In addition to these specifically ‘smart’ considerations, you’ll want to consider all the factors that contribute to a good TV of any sort: picture quality, color rendition, sound, size and shape. So you find the right TV to fit into your home, and that matches your viewing habits.

One smart TV that delivers in many of these respects is the Samsung UE40MU6400, an ultra HD 40 inch Smart TV that will bring a brilliant array of color and detail into your room. So, if the quality of the visual display is your top priority, this could be your smart tv of choice delivering images that are crisp, rich and deep. This model is also available at a very cost-effective price for the quality of the image delivered, perfect for those who want to pay a few hundred rather than thousands on their set. Many Samsung smart TVs are also lauded for the ease with which you can browse the web, so they are a great option.

Your Smart Buy TV

Make a smart choice when it comes to your smart TV, with our checklist; and enjoy a more interactive viewing experience, watching what you want, when you want.

Your Smart Buy TV