If you’re hankering for a new smartphone this holiday season, you may be hoping to grab your new device over the weekend of November 23. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can unearth some of the most delicious deals on both gadgets and electronics, so be sure to know what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend.

With discounts and purchase incentives wildly hurled around during the Black Friday weekend, we’ve reviewed some of the most popular devices for you to consider below. While the newer models may not have been around long enough to be sucked into Black Friday just yet, you can be sure that stores will be throwing in some tasty extras to ensure you shop with them this holiday season.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung’s most recently released models are the Note9 and S9, which both hit the shelves earlier this year. Like all Samsung models, they both offer a good deal of longevity, with Samsung regularly updating its software several times each year. Even before a potential Black Friday deal or incentive is added to your basket, Samsung is offering the Gear 360 (estimated to be $230 in value) or Gear VR (with an estimated value of $130) as a choice of free gift, giving outdoor leisure and gaming enthusiasts extra motivation to choose their products.

And it’s not just leisure activities that are enhanced by Samsung devices – they are incredibly adaptable within the home, too. Samsung smartphones can connect with other compatible devices, putting you in complete control of anything from your lighting and air conditioning to your TV and vacuum cleaner. And with the Note9 also coming with a handy stylus, it becomes an essential tool for organizing schedules and calendars as well as taking notes in meetings.

With processors and camera setups to rival any other device, the latest Samsung models are available from $999.99 (Note9) and $789.99 (S9) respectively. The S9 is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models, while the Note9 is 128BG as standard – but has an SD slot available for an extra 384GB of memory. You will also still find a handy, standard headphone jack on these devices, so you won’t have to spend any extra time charging your headphones.


By the time Black Friday hits us, Apple’s annual upgrade of its devices will have seen the release of the XS, XS Max and XR. As always, an Apple smartphone brings with it all of the benefits of regular software and security updates with iOS, but does not allow for any additional memory to be added.

Apple’s latest devices do, however, contain the most powerful chip ever built into a smartphone – and even last year’s iPhone X has still proved to be faster than its newer, nearest rival in opening large files and editing 4K video. The iPhone’s 3D Touch display has improved year-on-year since the release of the iPhone 6s – and, when combined with the wonderfully functional iOS, an Apple iPhone provides an unrivalled, uncomplicated, immersive user experience.

The XR starts at a reasonable $749, while the XS Max will cost $1099, and you can expect to see stores offering gift cards with the purchase of an iPhone instalment plan. Last year, Sam’s Club, Target and Walmart all offered gift cards of between $100 and $300 for activating instalment plans for iPhone products over the Black Friday weekend.

Google Pixel

Snap-happy customers in particular may want to steer towards the latest Google smartphones, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, this holiday season. Free, unlimited online storage for photos and videos comes as standard for customers choosing Google gadgets, and the latest Pixel 2 devices offer an abundance of other cool features.

If you’re not just busy on Black Friday weekend but all year round as well, you may choose the Pixel 2 for its superbly swift rate of charge – up to 7 hours battery life from just 15 minutes of charging. Also making good use of Google’s Android operating system, the built-in Google Lens give you instant information on anything from landmarks, to books and movies, to art – you just need to point your smartphone to automatically search all that is known on all you can see.

Available to buy since October 2017 in both 64GB and 128GB models, the Pixel has a cost that is also a big incentive for any time of the year. The Pixel 2, with a cinematic 5-inch AMOLED display, starts at just $649, while the XL, with a full-screen 6-inch POLED display, starts at $849. Even before any crazy Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals or incentives are thrown into the mix, the Pixel 2 offers customers a great deal of features at a more reasonable price than other new smartphones new to, or already on, the market.

The Pixel 2 may be the one to watch, though, this Black Friday. It's been available to buy already for more than a year, so you may be able to sniff out a discount.