Looking to install a smart thermostat? Before you make your choice consider what you want your thermostat to do and what you want to achieve with it. Technology’s come on in recent years and so too have these thermostats, so here are a few things to look out for:

A Learning Curve

Some smart thermostats are now ‘learning’ thermostats, meaning they’ll use data they’ve collected to control the temperature, in effect learning from experience and acting accordingly, so you don’t have the hassle of programming.

A Learning Curve

Adaptability Comes To The Fore

Moreover, many such systems can alter the temperature room by room, making them more adaptable, while others can respond to motion in a room or to the changing weather outside. What’s your priority?

Versatility Is A Plus

Recent developments also mean some thermostats can control the temperature of your water, as well as your heating, so you’ll always have hot water on tap. Just be careful in your choice, as this is not always the case.

At The Helm

At The Helm

Moreover, once you’re in the driver’s seat so to speak, you’ll have a choice as to how you control your heating, from a home thermostat controlled by smartphone to one controlled by a hub, such as Wink or Amazon Echo. Which would you prefer and which model will you choose:

Nests Nail It

The Nest Learning Thermostat (third generation model) has gained laurels for being user friendly and, well, for being ‘smart’. This little bit of kit remembers your habits and adjusts the heating to match them, so you can leave your nest, knowing the heating will switch back on, in time for your usual arrival time.

Sensors integrated into the system mean it will also respond to motion in rooms too, so if you come home early, the heating will adjust accordingly. You can also alter the temperature via an app – so it’s highly flexible too. However, when it comes to water, check your hot water tank is one of the compatible ones, but to conclude this nest is a neat little package that’s uncommonly attractive.

Sensi Step Up To The Mark

Next up the Sensi Smart Thermostat, a best seller and one of the most affordable on the market, it’s not a learning thermostat in the manner of the Nest, but you can set up a week by week programme. Sensi’s system has an easy set up, requiring just a few batteries, rather than any wiring; and it’s compatible with hubs such as Amazon Echo and Wink. Most importantly, this thermostat has a good record of making energy savings – what could be more important?

The Sweet Spot

However, Honeywell’s WiFi Smart Thermostat is a sweet offering, available at a cost-effective price which has been given the thumbs up by numerous users online, making it a strong contender for your system of choice. Honeywell’s strength lies in the fact that they manufacture goods for many companies and use their knowledge to good effect making products that are compatible with numerous brands. So if your home incorporates automation products from different manufacturers, this could be your new home thermostat. Like the Sensi, it isn’t a learning system, but you can enter a seven day program. If you’ve been wondering what's the best programmable thermostat, this could be the one.

Ecobee3 Buzzes In For The Budget Conscious

Look to the Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat, however, for a system that’ll help you make energy savings without the bells and whistle of other systems. Your home will be maintained at an ideal temperature with this learning thermostat, without some common extras like sensors; and that’s why it’s so competitively priced too, being one of the best budget options – so a good prospect all round.

Schneider Stands Up To The Competition

However, Schneider Wiser Air could be your preference for a sophisticated thermostat at a more affordable price than Nest. This smart house thermostat is all wrapped in a well thought out design, that’s easy to read and to use. The clear digital display includes some helpful additional information like weather alerts and forecasts too. Plus, you can alter the heating immediately by employing the comfort boost, without adversely affecting your normal heating regime and it includes a humidity control feature.

Your Smart Choice

So there you have our top picks of the smart thermometers available so that you can keep your home at an optimum temperature all year round.

Your Smart Choice