So, you have just bought your new home, opened a new office, or even just felt like doing a bit of decorating in a room; you have your theme picked out and are ready to find the best appliances to create the perfect ambiance or fill that essential need. However, whether you’re looking into a kitchen or a personal gym, buying new appliances can be expensive if you just go to a big store, like Walmart or Costco, on a whim. You need to bide your time and wait for the best deals on these appliances to emerge. Here are some good tips on when you should get started with your shopping.

Before you go shopping

Whilst you may have the urge to leave your spending until last minute, it is essential that you have a plan for the product you want before you rush out of the door. Most products will come with an expiry date, or at least an estimate of how long they can last for. Whilst most consumers will make the most out of their appliances, this does not allow you to plan for when the device will fail, or to let you find a product when they are at their lowest prices. Instead, your focus will be on replacing it as quickly as possible, meaning you are looking for the product itself rather than a good deal.

Keep an eye on your appliances, if one of them look like they are struggling then don’t hesitate to make plans to find a deal on a new one. This could make the difference between a $100 appliance and a $1000 appliance.

Start with the Holidays

According to the statistics on Statista, it is clear that the quality of a product and its value for money, are the main things that shoppers look for in purchasing a product. Everyone knows about the infamy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday for their bargains and discounts. But did you know that there are other holidays that may be offering some sweet deals? For holidays like Memorial Day, President’s Day, the Fourth of July or Labor Day, you can go to a number of larger retailers and expect to see a discount. For instance, during Memorial Day in 2018, a fridge could be purchased for 50 per cent off its original retail price, making it a bargain for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen’s look.

The Month’s Count

For big stores, like Walmart and Target, you will need look into the months where manufacturers unveil their new stock and send it to the stores to be sold to the public. This means that the previous stock on any appliance will become discounted in order to make room for the new models. This usually happens during September and October, as the new models will be needed just in time for the Christmas season, so be sure to keep a close eye on these months. Buying the discounted products early will mean that if you want to give them as a gift to a friend or loved one, you can simply buy it earlier and put it away for the holiday period.

Think as well about the supply and demand of these new products. When large sales come about, most of the products may be marked up as more expensive than they need to be, as the public will be more interested in actually obtaining the product than waiting for a good deal. If you wait instead of jump on the product, then there is a high chance that the product’s price will go down, as it will no longer be in public demand. This is especially useful if you are looking to buy a new games console, like the PS4, and want to avoid the rush when it first comes out.

Ending the Month

Whilst this bargain hunt can depend on the generosity of the store, there is a chance that you can claim a deal on an appliance at the end of each month in the year. Within the retail business, each store is looking to hit a monthly target or quota of sold products, meaning that they may be willing to negotiate the price of an appliance in order to hit the right numbers. The store wants their customers to buy certain products, thus you only need to have confidence enough to ask about them and any potential discounts. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price if you do not have the original asking price. If the retailer is not interested in lowering the price then you can always go to a different store or look for a cheaper deal on Amazon, as online stores can even provide you with the opportunity of looking at (and comparing) multiple offers at the same time.